Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital

We are a charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned and distressed wild animals and birds throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding region.

The aim of the hospital is to provide first aid followed by recuperation, rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild. Any animal unable to be released or relocated is maintained at the hospital, in as natural an environment as possible.

The hospital treats all casualties free of charge

This takes a great deal of money, which has to be raised in any number of ways. All of our money goes to help our casualties.

The hospital is called on by local vets for wildlife cases and from members of the public calling with wildlife emergencies.  We receive no funding other than what we can raise ourselves.

Our new hospital

In 2005, we were given permission to erect a purpose built wildlife hospital and education centre on the Fleckney Road in Kibworth Beauchamp.

The hospital itself has been running for nearly 20 years now taking all kinds of sick injured and orphaned wildlife from Leicestershire and surrounding counties. With space at a premium, a larger facility is now needed. The building fund (bricks appeal) was set up for this in 1997.

So far we have purchased 3 acres of land at a cost of £30,000 and have created an access road which is approx ½ mile long using in excess of 1000 tons of recycled roads surfacing, costing around £25,000.

The centre itself will include a vet visiting facility separate housing areas so that predator visitors (foxes, birds of prey) are kept well away from prey visitors (garden birds etc). All our outside pens will be species specific so they have the best type of recuperation area possible.

All animals will be housed according to species and individual needs.

Other facilities include, veterinary examination rooms, orphan rearing and treatment areas, specialist oiled bird cleaning sinks and isolation cubicles.

Green Hospital

Recycling is an important issue and we already we practice good eco rules. Bedding is composted down and is reused on site on flower beds or vegetable patches which in turn will generate revenue from the produce.

Tins, glass, plastics, cardboards and waste woods

All food cans plastics from tubs and glass containers are recycled at the local recycling center along with all cardboard boxes which patients arrive in and the old wood from old pens.

Natural Energy

The new centre will incorporate the use of solar energy and wind power wherever possible and will incorporate the use of energy saving light bulbs will be in the buildings.

Reclaimed Water

We already use reclaimed water but will be able to do this on a larger scale on the new site.

Educational Hospital

Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital is committed to education. The new centre will include an educational area where local schools and other groups or individuals can come and learn about what we do, more about caring for wildlife, conservation and the environment.

Regular workshops will be held to encourage interest and increase awareness. In addition advice will always be on hand and fact sheets made available.

Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital believes it is through education that the suffering of animals will be reduced and their habitat protected for future generations to enjoy.